Technical Specialist

R150: Getting Started with Acumatica

This course will help you become familiar with key features of Acumatica by watching several short videos.

The goal of this course is to quickly familiarize you with the Acumatica interface and provide topical information on Acumatica features. This class provides a general overview of all modules to give you the big picture.


I100 Integration: Integration Scenarios

The Integration Scenarios course will walk you through configuration and use of the integration scenarios available in Acumatica ERP for importing data during initial system implementation and for integrating of Acumatica ERP with third-party applications and other enterprise information resources.


S130 Reporting: Inquiry, Report Writing, Dashboards

The Inquiry, Report Writing, Dashboards course will walk you through the process of creating generic inquiries, reports, and dashboards, which are used to retrieve data from the system and present this data in Acumatica ERP.


Completion of the Learning Path

After you have completed all the courses in this learning path, update your social network profile with special skills. By adding special skills to your profile, you can:

  • Show your knowledge and initiative to your employer
  • Get noticed by Acumatica partners
  • Position yourself to find new job opportunities