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What is Acumatica?

Acumatica is a leading provider of cloud business management software that empowers small and mid-sized businesses to unlock their potential and to drive growth. Built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications—covering such capabilities as financials, distribution, customer relationship management (CRM), and project accounting—on a robust and flexible platform.

What is Acumatica Open University?

Open University is a free internet portal with Acumatica educational resources for everyone who is interested in the Acumatica product offerings and technology.

What are the course resources?

The course resources are the materials for learning provided by Acumatica Education. These resources include training guides, files for training (such as Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and visual aids), and session recordings.

Are course resources free?

Acumatica Open University provides free course resources that are available after you log in.

What are the Learning Paths?

Acumatica Open University provides different learning paths that detail the courses that are recommended based on the learner’s specific role. By clicking any of the offered learning paths, you get the list of the courses that are appropriate for your needs. After you complete all the courses in the learning path, you can update your social network profiles with specific skills to spotlight these skills.

What does the video camera icon next to the course title mean?

The video camera icon signifies that the course page has the training recordings inside it.


How should I use the Course Catalog?

The Course Catalog is the list of all available courses divided into their functional areas. If you are a newcomer, start your learning process with the R150 Getting Started with Acumatica course. All the course resources in this course are free and available even if you don’t log in. If you have already chosen the course you want to study, click it, log in, and start learning.

Why should I take Acumatica courses?

Courses in Acumatica Open University help you become familiar with the Acumatica ERP software. People learn about Acumatica for many different reasons, such as user training during implementation, software exploration during the sales process, independent study, and educational research. Currently our courses are targeted mostly to consultants, but many of the same concepts would be useful to end users as well. We plan to expand our offerings with end user courses in the future.

What can I learn in Acumatica Open University?

Acumatica Open University provides a variety of materials for self-study that can help anyone to learn the skills needed to realize the full potential in working with Acumatica.

Are there any other resources to learn more about Acumatica?

Yes. You can use the course resources provided on Acumatica Open University and documentation portal. You can also enjoy reading articles and news about the company, its product, and Cloud ERP, which can be found at the Acumatica blog and the LinkedIn Acumatica ERP Software User Group.

How can I download materials?

There are three types of training materials in Open University:

  • Microsoft Excel or zipped training materials are downloaded automatically after you click the button with the link.
  • PDF guides open in a new tab. To download a PDF guide, right-click, select Save as, specify the file name and file location, and save it. Alternatively, you can click the download icon at the top of the page.
  • Training recordings are not downloadable, but you can expand the size of the video by clicking the Full screen icon, or watch the recording on the YouTube page by clicking the title of the recording.

Will I get CPE credits for self-study?

No. We are eligible to issue CPE credits for online and in-person instructor-led training sessions.

Can I get a certificate of completion after I completed the course in self-study format?

No. Acumatica Open University does not issue any certificates of completion due to the absence of assessment tests on the site.

Are instructors available to help me in my learning?

No. Acumatica Open University was created to help learners gain knowledge in a self-study format.

Who can help me if I have problems downloading instructional materials or viewing recordings?

If you experience troubles in these areas, please contact us by email at


Why should I log in?

Acumatica Open University offers free course resources but requires all site visitors to log in to access them, to prevent the unauthorized use of the Acumatica intellectual works. Logging in to the site gives you an opportunity to get the course resources for self-study.

How to log in to the site?

To log in to the site, you may use an Acumatica portal account (if you have one) or social network account.
To log in with the Acumatica portal account, click the Log in button on the top menu bar. Enter your credentials and then click Sign in.
To log in with the social network account, click the appropriate icon of the suggested social networks. In the dialog box that opens, enter your login and password and proceed with logging in.
Please note that you will be redirected to the home page after the process finishes.

What should I do if I cannot log in?

You may log in to Acumatica Open University in one of the following ways: with an Acumatica portal account (if you have one) or with a social network account. If you cannot log in, do the following:
a. Check your credentials, and try to log in one more time.
b. If there is still a problem logging in, change the password of your Acumatica portal or social network account and then repeat your attempt to log in.
c. Make sure that your social network account (if applicable) is still working and you didn’t disable or delete it. If you have deleted your social network account, this account becomes unavailable for use on third-party websites.

Feel free to contact us at to get assistance.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password to my Acumatica portal or social network account?

Due to its privacy policy, Acumatica Open University does not gain or keep the password to your portal account or social network account. If you forget the password, please recover it through the social networking site or Acumatica portal page and then try to sign in to Acumatica Open University again. If there are still problems with logging in, please contact us by email at

Is it safe to use social networks for logging in?

Yes, it is safe. Acumatica Open University does not obtain your social network profile credentials (such as password) or personal messages, although it may use information about your name and email address provided by your portal or social network account and other information that you provide later by entering it to your Open University profile.

What should I do if I do not have a social network account?

If you need course materials or session recordings, you must be logged in through a portal account or social network account. If you do not have any of these accounts, please register at one of the social networks supported by our site, and then sign in using its credentials.

How do I log out of the site?

Point to the profile image at the top right of the page. On the menu that appears, click Log out.

What should I do if I haven’t found an answer to my question, or I want to share my feedback?

If you want to ask questions about the product or share your feedback, click here to find the appropriate contact or send an email to
If you want to ask questions about the courses or share your feedback, send an email to