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What's new in this course

The course has been updated as follows:

  • The training guide is now actual for Acumatica ERP 6. The following examples illustrate the new features of Acumatica ERP 6 related to the contract-based SOAP API:
  • Example 1.1.1: Extending the System Endpoint illustrates creation of an endpoint extension.
  • Example 3.1.1: Retrieving the List of Stock Items illustrates selection of particular fields to be returned.
  • Example 2.1.5: Creating a Customer Record with Custom Fields shows how to work with all fields of an entity, including those that are not defined in the contract
  • The Appendix: MyStoreRestIntegration Application topic, which describes the sample application that uses the contract-based REST API, has been added to the guide. The MyStoreRestIntegration application is provided with the reference materials.
  • The API Reference part has been removed from the training guide. You can find references to the descriptions of the API methods in the Related Links sections of appropriate topics of the training guide.
  • The structure of the guide has been changed: The guide includes the Getting Started part, which includes an overview of the contract-based web services and a description of the sample application, and Parts 1 through 5, which are dedicated to web integration scenarios.
  • Minor corrections, improvements and updates have been made throughout the guide and the sample application.

The Contract-Based Web Services course will walk you through configuration and using the contract-based web services API available in Acumatica ERP for integration of Acumatica ERP with external systems.

The course consists of a brief web services API reference and step-by-step examples that you are supposed to complete. Through the examples, you will learn how to implement different web integration scenarios in the following areas by using the contract-based web services API of Acumatica ERP:

  • Inventory data retrieval
  • Integrated customer management
  • Integrated sales order processing
  • Integrated inventory management
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