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Course Resource Updates
Please note, instructional materials are updated to Acumatica 6.0.

For instructor-led sessions, Acumatica 5.3 was used. We will update sessions as soon as new online training sessions will be conducted on a base of Acumatica 6.0.

The training guide has been updated as follows:

  • Example 2.6.1: Importing Records with Attributes (Leads) has been updated.
  • The Appendix: Troubleshooting topic has been added.
  • The topics that you can find in the Integration section of the User Guide have been removed from the training guide. You can find references to these topics in the Related Links sections of appropriate topics of the training guide.
  • Minor corrections, improvements, and updates have been made throughout the guide.

The Integration Scenarios course will walk you through configuration and use of the integration scenarios available in Acumatica ERP for importing data during initial system implementation and for integrating of Acumatica ERP with third-party applications and other enterprise information resources.

Through the step-by-step examples provided in the guide, you will learn how to perform the following tasks in Acumatica ERP:

  • Importing new master records
  • Updating imported records
  • Deleting incorrectly imported records
  • Importing records with automatic numbering
  • Updating auto-numbered records
  • Importing master-detail records
  • Updating detail lines of master-detail records
  • Applying an action to imported records
  • Importing records with attributes
  • Importing records in the simplified way
  • Exporting records
  • Updating records during export
  • Applying an action to exported records
  • Deleting records during export
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