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Welcome to Acumatica Open University!

Our goal is to develop and support a dynamic learning atmosphere for those who are eager to learn more about Acumatica. Here you can find a variety of materials for self-study that can help anyone to learn the skills needed to realize the full potential of Acumatica.

Business consultants may be interested in basic and intermediate finance-oriented courses for self-studying. More advanced learners can complete the following courses: Fixed Assets, Analytical Reports, Sales Taxes, Value-Added Taxes, Multi-Currency Accounting, and Contracts. These consultants may also benefit from the Distribution: Basic and Customer Management: Basic courses.

If you are an application developer who wants to master the Acumatica Framework fundamentals and the Acumatica Customization Platform, click Development and select any of the three courses provided for developers.

For system administrators, we have prepared courses where these administrators will learn how to install Acumatica and configure the appropriate settings.

Technical specialists and integration developers may be interested in the following courses: Inquiry, Report Writing, Dashboards; Integration Scenarios; Screen-Based Web Services; and Contract-Based Web Services.

Each course contains a course description and course resources that include guides, files for training, and (for certain courses) session recordings that can also be useful during self-studying.

Acumatica Open University also provides different learning paths that detail the courses that are recommended based on the learner’s specific role. By clicking any of the offered learning paths, you get the list of the courses that are appropriate for your needs. After you complete all the courses in the learning path, you can update your social network profiles with specific skills to spotlight these skills.

If you don’t know what to start with, view the R150: Getting Started with Acumatica course or click here to view all the learning paths.